Friday, March 19, 2004

Like a

The day never stood still and you need that from time to time, for it to stand still that is. I hit the gym with the gaucho, gettin buff in the neighborhood, whoops that is a chili's song I think, maybe Applebees. Any who, I finished up my message for Sunday and it's feeling nice and trimmed down and prayerfully His. Taking some time, while lil Hitler is in G.R., to kick back and watch a movie, with the little lady gone it gets lonely so I picked up a movie. Runaway Jury is my selection, so far it's interesting, but I'll let you know how it is when I've completed it and in the form of a true film student will let it process before I have my review. I can say right now that Gene Hackman is one of the greats when it comes to acting, whew he's good. Grabbed some dinner with the pink panther and chatted with Foley for a bit, dreamed some ministry ideas which is always a good time. The pink panther and I took a peak at some youth ministry names on youth, wow, there is some very creative people out there (yea it's sarcasm). That's terrible I know, but we tease in love. Well I best finish my movie so as not to be up to late, heading to G.R. with some yutes tomorrow so I need my sleep. I'll see if I can blog from G.R. tomorrow or else I'll catch up on Sunday night, which I'll have a lot to download I'm sure.

Rhinestone cowboy
Wallace D.

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