Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I dare you

Last night's Real Life was incredible to me, I was literally taken away during the message. It was a different night to me and I am still tired from it, in a great way. Everybody seemed to be really tired tonight at Fuel and the energy level was down until after the "program," then the relational aspect seemed to click.

I have to finish packing for Cali., I always wait till the last minute when it comes to packing, I don't know why. I'm going to over pack any how, I always do, but I'd rather have too many shirts or whatever than have to buy something out there. I'm actually most looking forward to all the time I'll have for reading on the flight, I should catch up on some of my books.

I talked to the diggity tonight and he is kicking it in Chi-town experiencing the love of God with some of his yutes, always an awesome experience. After talking to him and connecting up with the pink panther, I have to say that I have got incredible friends and they encourage me and inspire me in all aspects of my life. God has blessed Sarah and I with so many great friendships and they have come, "just when I needed it most," I think that's how the song goes any way. Well I need to get a few hours of sleep so I'm somewhat ready for the big Cali., I can't wait to see the guys I did life with when I lived there.

To move

Searching, Wallace

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