Thursday, March 04, 2004

I see enough

The last two days in California have been great, hanging in nice weather, seeing old friends, and listening to God whisper in my ear. It always amazes me how different people are in different cultures and how much more friendlier people are in California. It seems so much easier to start up a conversation with someone here and people just seem, to me, to be happier and easy going. It really reminds that it's the good news of Jesus Christ that will transform lives, because people out here really do seem to be happy, they just are looking for that joy that comes from God's love.

The wife and I got to sit in on a meeting of the district supers of the Christian Missionary Alliance yesterday and then went out to dinner with a couple of them and I was floored at their heart for people and their passion for church planting. It was absolutely refreshing to see people so passionate about getting the good news to everyone and doing it right. These are some guys who have been around the block with planting churches and they have seen good ones and bad ones and they have learned from their mistakes and successes. It is just so encouraging to know that there are brothers in Christ like these guys and it ispires and challenges me just to watch them share their hearts and passions for the church. It was crazy sitting there and as they are talking vision and purpose they would ask for Sarah and I's input and thoughts, who the crap are we, and how they listen to people who are in the trenches, so to speak.

I'm eating like a king as well, Cali has the best food no doubt about it. I don't know how people stay thin out here, it might be because they don't eat as much as my crapped up butt does, hey I only get out here so often so I need to pile on. Were hoping to visit some friends that we served with at The Den and I'm excited about that, it's probably been 5+ years since we've seen them.

I have to say my heart is beating fast for the pink panther and I'm excited to connect up with that cat and dream up God's best (we pray any way). And the wife and I just learned that one of our closest friends is going to have a baby (we love you guys and are sooo excited for you).

I've been gone a few days, yet I have received reports from the goucho that some yutes are jumping into crap (why is it you waited for me to fly across the country). It's absolutely fair of me to think they should clear their breakdowns with my schedule right? (I'm kidding of course, I think?) Any way looking to a new day and learning in Him.

To know I'm blind

Wallace D.

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