Saturday, March 06, 2004

Where is

I'm telling you California is incredible and I love just looking around at all the art and architecture. The buildings, the landscaping, and the people's attitude is so refreshing and I've missed the inspiration. Just walking into a coffee house, furniture store, or heck a restroom and there is an artistic feel to it that you don't get anywhere else. I went by a church today and saw how they advertised in their windows and how they set up their resource information and it had me freaking out (in a good way). God has given us such a beautiful place to see Him in it and be inspired by art, culture, and the hand that painted it all. It reminds me of good ol Erwin saying, "Culture is not something we love or hate, but the context in which we live," so true! To sum up what Leonard Sweet said, we can approach culture as a church in one of three ways. We can ignore it and pretend it's not there, which makes us irrelevant and bitter, we can fight it and lose, or we can see it as living in the greatest time ever to reach people where they are at with the love of our Jesus. It's sad to me when people view art as something separate from God, when it is apart of someone's soul which was knit together by God. Aren't we supposed to view the world through the eyes of Jesus, as best we can?

Ok, I sound like some Kurt Cobain alternateen going through some deep thought craze. Tomorrow the wife and I are meeting up with some friends we spent time with in The Den. I can't wait, but first I get to go golfing in the morning, duck, run, and hide because this cat sucks crap at it. I have a receding hairline like Tiger Woods and that's about all.

My prayers go out to the pink panther, the Gaucho, and the diggity as they plow ahead in God's hands. Jerica, I pray for the emerging family and for clarity in location of living. And to all a good night

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