Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Today was an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. A friend and a partner in ministry found out today that his mom has cancer, prayers for the family please, and that was just really hard to see. I was at their house literally a few minutes after they found out, so it was a very heavy feeling. Then about 45 minutes later the head detective and Cosmo called with news they had a healthy baby girl, Reese Madelyn. Congratulations and great job of not saying something crazy to me when you called, when he alerted me to the pregnancy it was done in a typical head detective "classiness" that will remain in the vault.

Had an awesome lunch with a student at buffalo wild wings, kickin wings baby. And then played some football and b-ball with some more yutes and a few others. Finally it was on to the 24 showdown, good night indeed. The oak tree and stars are getting really giddy for the upcoming nuptials, and we had fun laughing about the funness of marriage. Another busy day tomorrow, secretary of state in the morning, lost my wallet so I have to get a new license (I suck crap at losing things) and then on to a lunch appointment. I have Velocity in the evening and a possible coffee grab with the oak tree and stars after that. Time for winding down and getting quiet.

the east coast family
Wallace D.

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