Monday, April 19, 2004

We are here

Wow what another cool night at Fuel, it's pretty much a given that my Monday night blog will be about how awesome the students are and what an authentic place of community they have created. By they I mean the students, I just get to show up and hang out and laugh at all their great stories and listen to their lives played out. I needed it tonight, just connecting with God with this group, it was such an awesome reminder that I have the greatest job in the world and I am blessed to share it with this group. Watching and listening to these crazies just absolutely ministers to my heart every week. After coming off a day like yesterday, it was such a blessing to experience Fuel tonight. Fuel is a picture of what the church ought to be and this group tells it like it is and lives it like it should be.

Besides that today was a huge prayer day, lots of stuff to be praying about. The pink panther is ready to blaze a path and I'm praying that I can assist with some lighter fluid. I also had sweet conversation with Mothug today who was asking for some prayer support. We had a cool conversation and he has such a great heart and wants so badly to serve with all his gifts, I have appreciated his leadership and serving along side him this past year. Tomorrow is looking like a gem of a day, a great lunch meeting with a yute, some football with more yutes, and some 24 time with more yutes and friends. It's actually double 24 time, because we had to tape the Sunday showing with Real Life going on. That very well could be a perfect day, close any ways. My prayers go out to all in the family.

because of grace because of love
Wallace D.

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