Friday, April 16, 2004

Hello, is it me

Had a great day dating my beautiful wife. We went around to some furniture stores, just to browse, and then we hit some random stores for fun. She bought a pillow for the couch, is it me or are women crazy with buying pillows to decorate the bed and the couch, what the crap is that all about? When I go to bed at night, I have to REMOVE pillows so that I can fit on the bed, hello women are weird, but I love my wife dearly. We watched a movie to cap off our night and I have to say, Jack Nicholson is an absolutey brilliant actor and he gets me every time. It was just great to date my wife and laugh together, walk together, and enjoy a great friendship (I'm not going to talk about the other parts of our relationship on my blog, you sicko).

I'm still laughing over the time I spent with the pink panther yesterday, great movie, great hanging, great dreaming, stinkin great freindship there as well. Yea I'm getting to that mushy part where I say that I am blessed man and God is goood. I'm thinking my messages from the conference in Georgia should be in tomorrow, so it keeps gettin better. Oh, before I forget, had a quick cool conversation with the Gaucho earlier today, you go on with your bad self Gaucho!

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