Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sunshine day

Cool day of running around getting some props for drama stuff and things for the yutes. Had a great chat with the Fonz about the "coming soon" of life. Had small groups tonight, one last time before starting the 40 days small groups, which will look quite a bit different. There will be more people involved in the upcoming small groups which is cool, but I hope the intimacy of the groups isn't lost. Had a great time listening and learning with the King of town and we're going to grab some lunch on Friday, which is sweet.

Tomorrow is going to stinkin rock, lunch with the pink panther and then some hang time with the fellas at night. Pretty much my dream day tomorrow, as I hope to get some study time in and then it will be complete. The lady is having some girly thing going on at our place tomorrow night, which is fine because that throws us guys to hang. Enjoyed an awesome chat with the diggity a few nights ago and I look forward to sliding to the other side and seeing him in swim mode. I did read a great article in Entertainment Weekly, in which a group of christians were interviewed about the Jesus factor in hollywood. It was sweet and the panther put it right on in his blog time, check it out to the left. Well the faster I hit the hay the quicker tomorrow gets here.

give me some sunshine
Wallace D.

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