Friday, April 23, 2004

Homey don't

What a great stinkin day today!! I got some drama stuff organized, some small group stuff organized, and worked on my message for Sunday night. It always absolutely amazes me how God just opens up His heart within the scriptures and how much I stinkin miss if my heart isn't open. Then I'll see things that I swear I have read before but yet it seems to be hitting me for the first time. There are days it feels like I am reading the bible for the first time, which is good and sort of weird. Then the pink panther, his bride and baby, and Jerica came over for some hang time and some monkey bread (scary addictive it is). We might have laughed too much tonight, because my eyes are all dried out and the panther's face was sore from smiling (isn't stinkin great though!). Heard from some j-highers about going to the zoo, a small trip it was going to be, but they are turning it into an event, and it seems we might have a small community going now (you guys blow me away with your enthusiasm and love for life). I'm telling you, if you are having a bad day or a tough spiritual battle, just swing on over to Fuel because this place is God at his best. I might just commute weekly from California just to hang out at Fuel. Well I have to prep for my message a bit more tonight and finish up some good reading. Helping the oak tree and stars move into their new apartment tomorrow, where they will be kicking off a new life together, how cool and exciting.

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Wallace D.

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