Friday, April 23, 2004

I got my first

Pretty straight forward day today, listened to some messages from Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio, both great, and then helped the oak tree and stars move into their new apartment. Well they won't move in together until after the wedding , but you catch what I am saying. Stars was so excited to put the new bedding on THEIR bed, it is so cool seeing them giddy over their upcoming big day. So it was a day of hanging and chatting up life which is always a great time, the oak tree gave me a run down of his family history. It was great just hearing his heart for his family and just talking through the struggle of how to reach out to the ones we have known all our lives. The idea of Jeus not being accepted in his home town makes so much sense, because I know when I gave my life to Christ, the hardest people to convey that to is people in my family. They see me as the crazy teenager that was nuts or the weird kid who would play in the back yard by himself for hours and hours. I wonder how Jesus acted as a kid, but more as a teenager, because those crucial years between teen and adult we have no record of what Jesus was like. Crazy things I think about sometimes, but I'm sure he got good grades and probably passed his drivers test without any problems. I believe the lady and I are going to watch Braveheart now, the greatest movie ever, so I'm sure I'll have some interesting contemplative time later.

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