Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I'll become even more

Today was pretty sweet, caught up with Jerica as I took them to the airport for their vacation to Colorado. We chatted up life and all that is going down and where we want to get to within our life journey. Had a really cool leader meeting tonight and it is always just a great time to share life with our leaders. It was really sweet listening and sharing all that is going on in Fuel with the Real Lifers, they don't always get to hear all that is going on there. I loved just listening to the Fuel leaders share how much they love the students and how amazed they are at the movement that is going on there. The oak tree and star shared their journey and where God has been directing their hearts and it was cool just hearing their heart beat for following His direction.

I'm grabbing some breakfast with the pink panther and then catching up with the "dream team" for some future dreaming and sharing, which I am freakin psyched up about. Wherever and whatever God takes us into, I know we have a family with this group that will run into eternity, so giddy up. I know the Driver's heart is full and so I'm looking forward to hearing his wisdom, heart, and insight into the future. The lady is feeling some heat from school and so I'm hoping we can get some relax time in, so she can get away from it for a bit. My brother has taken a turn for the worst with his leg and my mom called early this morning pretty concerned about it (my prayers are with you little bro). Better turn in so I'm not a zombie at breakfast, the panther and I's time goes way to fast and so we need to make the best of it. You know talking about Seinfeld, movie updates, and all that other good stuff ( we usually work the really good stuff in, so relax).

undignified than this
Wallace D.

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