Friday, April 09, 2004

She's got a way

Wrapping up the big Thursday special, and it was pretty sweet. Started with breakfast with the Driver and the pink panther and then on to an impromptu lunch with panther and the River, which I haven't caught up with him in some time. Then it was running around and getting gear for the search for Bling Bling the bunny (This will be his final year in my life I believe). Then the lady and I ran some grub over to some friends of ours who recently had a sweet baby boy. Then it was quickly off to a meeting with the "family" for a conversation into the future of our ministry and life journey. It was a great time of chillin and sharing where we're at and where we are heading. Tomorrow I will be completing the picture part of Bling and then hopefully taking a nap and resting up before an Easter service at Cedar Creek church with the pink panther and his bride (name coming soon). I'm looking forward to just enjoying a time of worship with friends and the lady, I don't have to do drama, be funny, or anything but worship my God. Time to close the night as the lady is peering at me with big eyes and little clothes, giddy up!

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