Sunday, April 11, 2004

A joyful noise

So many great stories were told throughout the day about life change and how God is moving in so many people's lives. And this all took place outside the "walls" of the church, which is just a great example of the church not having walls. I enjoyed a great dinner with my wife who did an awesome job cooking her first Easter dinner and then we got to hang with the Real Lifers and Fuelers as they chased down the bunny.

I got some great reading in the last couple of days and my heart has been beating fast ever since with the anticipation of freedom to take on new challenges and experience creative living with God and his movement.

I feel so blessed with the friends that God has placed in my life and the encouragement and love that they continuelly toss my way. I got to chat, for some time, with one of my great friends from the west side of the state. He is such an incredible friend, who is one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know. It only makes sense that his wife has one of the biggest hearts, and most compassionate ones as well, that I have ever seen.

Ever since I got back from the conference in Georgia I have been thinking about ministry styles and all the program stuff that goes into them. The thing is, the most creative thing I can do is just experience God's love and love out of that experience. There is nothing greater than the art of love and as much as I enjoy the creative arts, there is nothing that compares to just a good old fashioned hug or a smile that says your welcome. I was thinking back to my childhood and all the time that I would spend by myself imagining being the hero in sports, war, or capturing the bad guy. It's sounds crazy, but I am so thankful that my mom was always so encouraging with my imagination and letting me be "weird" I guess, because I think she knew that some day that weirdness would be a gift. I now just love dreaming of God and how he loves me in nature, art, and culture. How he speaks through people, moments of silence, and architecture. I may have gotten a little weird tonight with my blogging, but I'm glad, I wouldn't want to be anything else than the wierdo that God has created me to be.

we will make!!
Wallace D.

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