Saturday, April 10, 2004

You alone

Had a really cool Friday, started with the bunny scavenger set up with some of the guys. We had a great time running around the down river snapping photos of this psycho bunny, the costume is off the wall, and just hanging with the guys was just cool. Then the lady and I headed to the Creek with the pink panther, his bride and their cubs for an Easter service and some dream time. Really cool just to take in worship and see a church just be who they are. What I mean by that is this, they know who they are, they're not trying to impress anyone or be post modern or whatever. They are what their people are and they minister to a lot of people, by the way, where they are at in life. It seems that is what the church should look like, but it's sad to know there are many that are not. It's awesome to know that God is bigger than us and can work, in spite of us sometimes getting in the way of what he is doing.

We had an awesome time dreaming things up and gearing up to be apart of God's church and my heart started beating so fast at that thought. I love the friendships and family that have come into our lives since we have been here and the encouragement and support we have received to be who God has created us to be and continue to be shaped by Him. Tomorrow the lady and I are heading to the sis's softball game in Ann Arbor and so we get to visit some fam for a little bit. Then I am going to focus on emmersing myself into the drama for Sunday morning so as to capture my character and give Him my gifts, basically. I really need to hit the gym before we take off though, so I best hit the hay. Even though our calendar probably doesn't exactly line up, it's still amazing to think our Lord rose from the dead around this time so many years ago, PRAISE HIM!!!

are Father
Wallace D.

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