Tuesday, April 13, 2004

What did you think

Seemed to be a day on the run, but I'm not sure why. I lifted with a student who is on spring break and the Gaucho, which is always a good time. Then it was some quiet time of reading the word, which just got my heart beating so fast that I felt on the move, does that make sense? Then I did some Wallyball with some yutes which was tiring for this old man. The president did his speech tonight so there was no 24, how bad does that sound? It was very interesting listening to his message tonight and listening to him look back on the last couple of years of this ongoing war in Iraq.

Then I just spent some time connecting up with some friends and leaders just chatting up life, so all in all a good day. Had some great reading time late last night, I couldn't sleep, not only in the word, but from Aqua church, which is blowing me away with such great insight. Mr. Sweet's thoughts on team leadership is so great and just right on. Very quick a few of his insights: "Leadership is less about employing people than empowering people. Leadership is less about controlling people than releasing them." Then he says, "to be a great preacher, you must first be a great listener; to be a great worship leader, you must first be a great congregation; to be a great leader, you must first be a great team player." I read that and it not only resonates in my heart, but I also think it seems so simple. What a great reminder and teaching on leadership, thanks Mr. Sweet, I needed that. I'm looking forward to lunch with a yute I needed to catch up with, this is tomorrow by the way. And then we have our last regular small group before heading into our 40 days of purpose campaign, series, whatever you call it. I love our small group time with the students and I have loved watching our guys group pour over life and have life pour over them. Off to some reflection time with my wife, until then.

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Wallace D.

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