Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The sequel

After some time with my wife my heart is brought to a place of reflection over my handful of years in the ministry. Listening to my wife hurt over how easy we get caught up trying to "grow" the church and do great programs and do church creatively and all that kind of stuff, that we miss the point of being with God and then just sharing out of that abundance of His love. In my years of ministry, which hasn't been too many, there has been so much talk of numbers, programs, and too little talk of God's love and the good news of our Saviour as a risen Lord full of redemption and grace. I saw an interview with a well known college basketball coach and he was asked if he thought that the college game was being tainted because of two instances of coaches in the last two years making really bad moves in their personal lives. His response, I thought, was so interesting. He said that in our society people always seem to focus on the bad things in life and things almost only make the news if they're bad or controversial. He said there are so many great coaches and great programs, but no one ever seems to be talking about them. As Christians I've seen such a similar thing going on, we focus on morality, sin, and how our culture is so crappy, but yet we have an amazing God who is "doing a new thing!" Are we missing out on what he is doing because we are focusing on all the wrong things in this world. Thank you Sarah, you are amazing and your heart and wisdom inspire and challenge me daily, I love you!!

Wallace D.

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