Wednesday, May 19, 2004

And the reason

Man what an amazing couple of days! The pink panther has been hanging out here in NorCal with the daddy, his fam, the lady and I. It has been a time of dreaming, value making, and direction setting art. I can't freakin wait till the "gang" gets out here and we all are playing together and to see what God unfolds for us all. We had staff today and it was just an awesome time of connecting and really coming together as a team. The potential is pretty much a dream come true, we laugh, we dream, and we pray together constantly (what a crazy concept I know). We started planning out how we will walk through the summer, vision casting community and then we started to lay out our big fall push (it should be sweet). Then the pink panther, the lady and myself grabbed some mexican eats after shopping around one of the most beautiful freakin malls. We ate at 'Off the Border' and it was dang good stuff and just to make it even sweeter they threw in a free desert for us, which I didn't need, but it's stinkin free. The pink panther heads back tomorrow morning, but hopefully only long enough to grab Swiss and the kiddies, so we can keep jamming on this big God thing that is smacking us around right now. Oh, and the pink panther and I found the rides that will be taking us around Cali fo sho. This will be dubbed the year of the Vespa and we will cruise and conquer NorCal on these kickin beasts (check them out at or something like that). I'm giddy and ready to get crazy yall,

is you!
Wallace D.

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