Monday, May 17, 2004

Let the

Man what a great day, slammed away at the Ridge for the first Sunday. It was completely focused on community and building relationships all throughout the service. Then we had a grill out at one of the couple's from the church's pad and the kids went swimming while the adults hung out and shared in life. It was dubbed a time to get to know the new staff for anyone that wanted to come (myself, the lady, and Julie who is interning this summer in children's ministry as well as youth), but it was all about getting to know the people who are the church. Then we headed home and grabbed some buffalo wings with the daddy and his fam, while watching the Pistons take it to the nets. Then the daddy, the lady and I went for a walk as the sun was setting, pretty rough to watch it set into the mountains on a clear cool night. We watched some Rob Bell videos and now I am going to get some reading in before hitting the hay. Tomorrow the pink panther comes into town, yep that's right, checking things out for building a team family for the kingdom baby! I can't wait, we are going to hit some In n Out burger for lunch and do some house shopping while we let him get a taste of Cali. I wish Swiss could've come with him, but all will fall into place as God brings things to the table in His time. I'm stinkin giddy about hanging with the pink panther and dreaming God sized stuff and just hanging out together.

praises ring!
Wallace D.

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