Sunday, May 09, 2004

Celebrate good times

Wrapping up the Saturday which was packed tighter than... well it was very full today. We grabbed some sweet breakfast with the pink panther and swiss and then cleaned up and went to lunch with some great folks from Metro. Then it was off to hang with our newly wed group one last time before our departure. It was another awesome time and it was a picture of what we are talking about tomorrow, community. This group just flat out shares life and encourages, inspires, and challenges the heck out of me in every way possible. Tomorrow is going to be very crazy as well, last Metro service in the morning, then meeting up with the in-laws in Lansing for a last meeting with them, then off to teach one more time at Real Life. I have heaps of emotions going on inside my heart right now and I'm sure I'll just be spilling my guts in my message tomorrow at Real Life. I'll keep that in my own journal I suppose and gather up to finish with some words out of 'Unlearning church' which talks about the idea of the church of now concerning community. It talks about the church in three waves the first was one of replication, the second of proclamation, we'll pick it up there. "It is based on a platform-proclaimer who gives a presentation to spectator-receivers who watch and process it. The megachurch mastered this medium through music, drama, and powerful teaching. The emphasis is on broadcasting to the masses- the gathering of the crowds (programs programs programs). The third wave, representing the new thing God is doing, is demonstration. These are churches of contagious faith living out authentic biblical community expressed through compassionate service and social justice." I'm really enjoying this book a lot, it's pushing me and moving me. Good night and God bless.

come on!
Wallace D.

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