Friday, May 07, 2004

I will dance I will sing

Today is the big day for the oak tree and stars, they become one, in marriage that is. We had the rehearsal last night, it was the longest one I have ever been apart of, but we had some dang good eats at the dinner, yee-ha!! Got up this morning did a little bit of reading and then grabbed an early breakfast with a host of fellas in the wedding. Then I grabbed a quick work out at the gym and lastly back home for some down time before the wedding. It should be an awesome time tonight the celebration of love, God, and the pink panther and his bride are doing a sleep over at our place tonight, another yee-ha!! This weekend is packed full of grabbing moments with people, via lunches and what not, before the lady and I hit the road for Cali. It's kind of weird and sad because we are saying good bye to a lot of people here, but we didn't hear much from our friends and some family from our home town. There have been people who said they are sad we are moving to California because we'll be so far away, yet very few visited us while we were only a couple hours away...anyone anyone, Bueller Bueller.

I suppose I'll catch some quiet time until I have to put on the penguin suit and head up to the church. Oh that reminds me I just started reading 'Unlearning church' and it is freakin great. I'll probably be putting in the Library soon so feel free to check it out.

to be mad for my king!
Wallace D.

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