Monday, May 24, 2004

If you think you might come to California

Yesterday was one of the those days where you have to wait and see what will happen next. It started with PT (Tim Mills, senior pastor The Ridge) going into the emergency room at 5am because his heart was giving him problems and he was having shortness of breath. He is doing fine now and all the tests came back negative and they told him it was most likely stress, which he said the last three years have been the most stressful of his life, so it makes sense (prayer would be appreciated for him and the fam, wife and three daughters). He said "that's what happens when you try and do the solo pastor church where you try and do everything," I hear you loud and clear. So I had to pinch speak on community which initially freaked me out, but it is one of my passions for sure and I went over the message throughout the week with PT, so I got on my knees and did my best to get out of the way of the big guy. Our district superintendent came to the service, but I didn't see him until afterwards, thank the Lord because I probably would have been puking my brains out. He said he enjoyed the morning and he had great insight for PT and our staff on the direction we should be heading, which was great to hear (accountability and experienced leadership to help us, what a novel concept). Next the lady and I went and made an offer on a house real quick like(we're praying hard). Then after that the lady and I headed to San Francisco to connect up with the father in law and Grandma Peg, he was in the Bay area teaching at a Pak Mail conference and she drove up from SoCal. We had an awesome time and the weather and scenery was pure art and one of the best worship experiences I've ever had. Then we headed back home for some connect up time with PT and the fam before grabbing some read time and heading to bed. Talked to a few friends from back east on the way home from the bay and God is stirring in the hearts of friends back in the wolverine state, so the next few months ought to be interesting. Make sure you check out Indiana's finest blogger, SamWise, who is linked into the family. Peace,

I think you should
Wallace D.

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