Saturday, May 22, 2004

Then sings my soul

Today went by really fast, but all in all it was pretty kickin. I picked up my new nextel phone this morning, it's how the world gets done, and then the lady and I hit the theatre to see 'Troy'. I enjoyed the flick and their was heaps of great clips that I would love to pull out some day, but one of my favorites is when a small boy says to Achilles, "the guy you have to fight is the biggest man I have ever seen, I wouldn't ever fight him." To which Achilles responds, "and that is why your name won't be remembered in the history books." Something like that any way, I just loved the idea that it's about the big risks, not backing down, all that macho crap I guess. Then the lady and I looked at some more homes and then I hit the gym, which was badly needed. Lastly I came home and did some drama writing and called some people from the church to introduce myself and invite them on out to the service this Sunday. We have a staff meeting tomorrow morning and then we head up to the school to set up the sound equipment and chairs. Time to dive into some reading and then hit the hay, peace

my saviour God to thee
Wallace D.

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