Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Had a great time in staff connections yesterday and then a great dinner and hang time with the Logan's and their neighbors. PT and his lady had to skip out early because his heart is still giving him problems (keep praying if you would). We were able to set our schedule through July for our Sunday mornings and we've got some great thoughts on community connecting and serving, so that's exciting. It's weird and great to "program" Sunday mornings with no thoughts on putting together typical program ideas, but instead ways to get out and about and do life together. There is no set worship time or worship element, it's all worship. We have a start time, but no end time and it's always nice not to be limited by weather, so we're indoors or outdoors, or both.

Picked up my latest read yesterdy as well, "Finding God where you least expect Him," by John Fischer. I really have enjoyed his previous writings and this one is no exception so far. If we believe God is everywhere (omnipresent) but yet we have to go to church or listen to Christian music to refocus, reconnect or protect ourselves from the "world". If we don't see God everywhere is it because he's not there, or is it because we don't look for Him everywhere. We've become a people that are programmed where to find or connect with God and if we don't have those elements or rituals we get lost. That is just my summary of what some of the book is about, but the beginning chats about the flesh and how the Word became flesh, which is great the way he breaks it down. Any way I already have a link to John's web site when you click on "Fearless Faith" so you can check him out there. I'm off to shoot some hoops and hang with some yutes.

Wallace D.

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