Tuesday, June 22, 2004

We only got

Pretty much a lazy day off, ran around with the lady hitting some errands, some lunch, and then off to the gym (much needed). Came home and just hung out with the Mills kids, which is always an adventure. The youngest one is five years old, but I think she thinks she is 45. We were watching a little tube and there was a commercial for Albertson's grocery store in which there was a great deal on corn on the cob. I said wow that's a good deal and she looks at me and says, "Oh yeah, but could you imagine if there was three of those, I mean that would be a deal!" It made no sense, yet she was very dramatic about what a great deal it was, then about five minutes later she randomly looks at me and says, "You know what's sad, people in jail, that's sad." We were watching Sabrina so I'm not sure where it came from, but it was very touching to hear.

Other than that just some good reading and chatting with Kristen and the Gaucho, then finishing up with some walkie talkie with the pink panther.

I've been really locked into a little piece of scripture that has really lodged itself in me and is taking me apart, which is painful and good. John 5:44 is Jesus saying, "How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God?" Being at a church plant I am working on patience in building things on the relational foundation, which I love, but it takes patience, and I have to admit there is that program side of me that says, "lets fire up some great programs and get things kicking and get a bunch of people here." And this verse really takes me to the place of not wanting a mega church or "that church with cool this or cool that," but a people who love God and love people. Chatting with a great friend tonight and hearing one more story of people getting sacrificed for programs, it humbles me and drives this verse home. Tough stuff and something I pray God will continuely drive into the deepest parts of me so that I won't ever forget. Well off to reading and looking to tomorrow, which brings staff connection and then dinner with a great couple from the Ridge, which we've been looking forward to hanging with, Peace

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Wallace D.

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