Thursday, July 08, 2004

Is it me

Hey there blogger world, I made it back to the land of the web. Things have been crazy wild, fun and busy fo sho. A few brief highlights are: The lady and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (4th of July baby!) and we went to Lake Tahoe for some fire works over the lake and some... celebration of our marriage we'll say. We traded in our interest rate hog and gas sucking Malibu for a new Scion xb and it is sweeeeeeet. At first glance we thought it was ugly, but after getting in and hitting the road our minds were changed and we now have a pimp ride. The crazy thing is our Malibu was going to cost us more in the end, so it was financially smart and the gas mileage averages out at 35mpg (yea baby!). Insurance wise it's labeled as a station wagon so we're saving a chunk of change there as well, so I guess now we have a mini van and a station wagon officially, (what the crazy crap is that all about?). I know you might be in the market Duerty, so check it out, it seats five and it's built for tall people (very roomy) which I'm short so what the crap again for me.

The Ridge is slammin along and we are having a blast with the HUGE challenge that we couldn't have dreamt up, but it is such an awesome learner and we have to really rely on the big guy, which is the best place to be. I had an awesome time with the high school crew last night and we did some grillin at the Harrison abode and then went and grabbed some Jamba Juice (I snuck off with a few others and grabbed some Starbucks instead). PT is feelin a bit better and we are enjoying heaps of great hang time together, which I guess is that whole fellowship as a staff stuff people talk about.

Any way, just wanted to quick check in, missed you all and the prayers go out to the diggity fam, Duerty fam and the Watermark folks, the pink panther and his fam (two way is keepin it real) and to Milo and his newly expanded fam, hugs and misses.

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Wallace D.

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