Monday, June 14, 2004

Hazy shade

Great day all the way around I would have to say. We had a really cool morning at the Ridge and PT did a great job laying out what the vision is for the church. There was a great energy and I think people are seeing that Jesus was about people and calls us to love Him and love others and the whole program aspect of church can fall where it might.

I couldn't be more fired up for the Pistons as they dismantled the Lakers again and I worked things over through two way with the pink panther throughout the game (lovin the nextel baby). What a great example of what being a team and playing together as well as staying focused on the task at hand can do to moving toward a championship. I'm giving my mvp to Joe Dumars for crafting together such a perfect blend of players and people.

Looking forward to chilling out tomorrow for my day off and finding my way back to the gym as well. I'm moving over to the Lord's gym because pastors lift for free, so the dutch in me can't pass that up. Then I've got some shopping to do for the lady as her 21st birthday is approaching, but I bet she is feeling a little older than that being married to me. She is pretty stinkin great to put up with my random thoughts, actions, and moronic behavior all the time, and then top it off with the idea that she'll have to mother my children someday(what a trooper). Off to grab some read time before I crash,

of winter
Wallace D.

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