Wednesday, June 16, 2004

We are the champions

Hail to the world champion Pistons!!! What an awesome display of hard work and great team work. Had a great day in staff meeting for almost the whole day, but it was an awesome time together. Looks like we might have ourselves a building in Rocklin to do some Sunday morning services and some youth stuff. But what is even more cool is that we aren't settling for having a building to meet in, but that we are planning picnics in Lincoln and some park gathering at a cool park in Lincoln as well as running around in Roseville. The building is one opportunity for us but we don't want it to be our place to call people to, but just a small piece of the pie. It's not about meeting in a building or what not, but it's all about authentic relationships baby!

Capped the night off with just that, hanging and watching the movie Best in Show with friends and laughing our butts off. I did chat with the Gaucho for a while about the goings on in his life and my heart is extremely heavy for friends and loved ones going through tuff crap. Hate seeing people sacrificed for programs and growing numbers but missing out on lives and movement. My prayers are with you all!! I have heaps more to say, but I'll hold my tongue and pray with my heart. This takes me back to a message Andy Stanley gave on surrendering our wills and our plans for the church, to God's will and His Plans. I'm always trying to surrender those three key things daily: ambition, position, and gifts. They came from God but used apart from Him they are very dangerous tools that have the potential for hijacking things from His will to ours.

Hoping to pick up a few new reads tomorrow and then calling the yutes to prepare for bowling and hanging tomorrow night, giddy up!!

my friends
Wallace D.

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