Saturday, June 12, 2004

Hey shorty I

Spent the whole and I mean the whole day moving the Welch family into their new casa. They have the most amazing view of Folsom lake and you can see clearly to downtown Sac, pretty sweet stuff. My back is completely shot I iced it for a while, but I know I will be paying for it tomorrow morning fo sho.

It looks as we will be able to get into our new place in two or three weeks at the most, so that is pretty dang sweet as well. The lady is extremely anxious to start doing her TLC crap all over the place, so we'll see if that station actually does serve some purpose (whether or not our place looks good I'm sure the tv station is completely crap filled).

I have enjoyed a fresh look at the scriptures as of late and God is leading and teaching me in ways that leave me humbled and yet with a heart that is still very heavy for what could and should be. I was truly inspired by the funeral of the great Ronald Reagan and it is evident what an impact it can make to be a genuine good guy (understated obviously). He makes me very proud to be an American and very proud to have had him as the leader of this great country.

Tomorrow looks to be a day of hanging with a handfull of yutes and peering into the crystal ball of what could and should be with this group of crazies. I will close with shout outs to the diggity and his fam as well as the pink panther and his fam, your friendships are burning in my heart and I pray that we will be hanging soon.

know you want to party
Wallace D.

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