Friday, June 11, 2004

Too legit

The Pistons are stinkin awesome and I was all fired up watching them kick the crap out of the arrogant Lakers. I watched the game and had some buffalo chicken strips with some of the fellas, but spent the best time picking up the eats and chatting life with Kaleb. We went into a Christian bookstore and Kaleb was telling me that he read the DaVinci code and what he thought about it, and a lady that worked there was listening and she got all freaked about how the book is wrong and blah blah blah. Kaleb said the book was interesting and got him thinking and asking questions and we talked about how it can be a conversation starter about our Jesus, so why freak out about it? If we believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the life and there is no other way to the Father, why should we be so defensive and threatened by the world around us?

Moving on. We went around and checked out some buildings for the Ridge to do some different event and hang out stuff this summer. This gave us as a staff an opportunity to chat up all kinds of things and for the first time, maybe ever, I enjoyed talking politics. Maybe because we discussed current events, Reagan, and the presidential election and there was no argueing, agenda pushing, or this is the only way to vote or you're not a Christian opinion going on. We just discussed it amongst life, until we moved on to other topics of interest, what a concept.

On another note, it was confirmed contractually that the lady and I are now official house owners in Lincoln California (yippee). As soon as the loan and paper stuff finishes up we can scoot on in and begin to make it our own, so that should be fun. I have to sit back and just be in awe of God and how he has blessed us more than I could have ever have wanted. When we lived in the downriver I couldn't imagine owning a house and when we moved here and found out the prices of the market here, I accidently pooped in my pants (I hope it was an accident). How can I not be amazed at how God has placed such an amazing woman into my life, fooled now a second church into hiring me as a full time pastor of their youth, and now given me a house to possibly add on a family with my amazing lady (that should be enough for an atheist right there).

I would like to end by thanking and telling the people that became my family at Metro how much I love them and miss them and that I am and will always be praying for them. I'm still learning from my time with you all and I am so grateful for the time we got to serve together, learn together, and love together.

too quit
Wallace D.

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