Sunday, June 20, 2004

I will be your

Today was just a really cool day and it was plenty full of all of the elements. We had a great father's day celebration at the Ridge and the breakfast was awesome. PT did a great job encouraging, celebrating, and challenging dads and parents alike to live, lead, and follow out of love. On a day when I reflect and miss on my dad, I always seem to find extra comfort from my heavenly Father and it feels good to be in this place. Had a great dinner with the Welch's, Mills, and Clyde and Jeri in which the ladies made up some great eats. Then Nate and I wandered off and had some really cool talk time sharing relationship stuff (he's lovin his honey), accountability stuff, and just encouraging each other.

Then after some amazing strawberry dessert I took off on a bike ride (needed to work off that amazing dessert). The lady bought me an awesome mountain bike for our 1 year anniversary, it's actually on July 4th, but she wanted to surprise me. So I went for a long ride and came to the conclusions that California is really beautiful, I miss riding a bike, and my fat butt needs more biking less desserting. Looking forward to the week ahead, the gaucho is hitting town for a visit, more hang outs with the yutes, and hopefully more biking.

father figure
Wallace D.

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