Saturday, June 19, 2004

Let yourself gravitate

The lady and I had an opportunity to hang out and grab some dinner with a great couple from the church last night and it was pretty sweet. They are new to the faith and are so fired up to serve, grow, and do anything to further the kingdom, so it is a great reminder to see what it is all about. They don't understand why people would want to just "attend" church and not be active in their living faith by living it out in the world. They are having a tough time understanding a couple they are good friends with that have decided to home school their kids. Now they have no problem with home schooling, but the reason for these people is to "protect" their kids from the world. They know their friends are believers and that this area has one of the best school districts you could ask for and so they ask, "I thought Jesus wanted us in the world to be witnesses to them, not to stay away from them?" This couple we went out with have a young daughter and their thoughts are, "we want to raise her so that prayerfully she will impact the world by being in it, not away from it, yet not of it,and like Jesus prayed , she will be protected from the evil one." (something to do with the bible I guess). Any way it was a cool night just hanging with them and listening to them share their lives and hearts on life and their journey to faith.

Today is about making sure we're all set for our father's day breakfast tomorrow at the ridge and then I have a high school grill out tonight, so that should be cool. I don't get to go to the cemetary and see my dad tomorrow, being out in California, so that is a bummer, but I suppose I can just get away and visit with him anywhere. Father's day is usually a weird day for me, but I also try and celebrate my mom because she did a great job of pulling double duty with parenting and I couldn't ask for a better mom/dad. Time to get cleaned up and get out and about.

towards the love yall
Wallace D.

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