Friday, June 18, 2004

People got me questioning

It's crazy how things can turn on a dime and switch things up. As I had mentioned previously the lady and I had bought a house and we were just waiting for the loan stuff to wrap up. The guy who was doing our loan called yesterday and gave us the run down to what we would have to do to wrap up the process. There is a lot of jumping through hoops and some things that, to me, are dishonest and not something the lady and I were comfortable with. So we have decided to get into an apartment for six months and save up some dough and just pray that God will plant us in a house on His terms. We are both actually pretty relieved, because all the financial stuff with the house had me losing sleep and both of us feeling a lot of pressure. We both feel disappointed as well, because we really loved the house, but it's only a house and I'm sure we'll find another great one some day.

Moving on to Wednesday and Thursday with the yutes. We went bowling with the high school group on Wednesday and grabbed some pizza afterwards, so that was a pretty good time. The group we have right now is made up of a few guys that are fast talkers and cause some trouble and of course then the girls that are emotionally bye bye because they are trying to hold a relationship with them. Lots of prayer and relationship building and we'll see where God takes us I suppose. Then last night our j-high group went to the arcade, go-carts, laser tag, and mini golf place in Roseville and we had an awesome time. Kaleb is so stinkin awesome at hanging with the guys and they gravitate towards him so much. I am extremely excited to see how much God is going to use that guy to reach out to these crazies, very cool stuff. I do have to say that I kicked the crap out of everyone in go karts, even though I took out a rather large woman to do so (hey she was all over the track and had to be put in her place). There is a lot more to chat about over the last few days but I'm not going to drag on and keep you reading, so maybe I'll catch up some stuff later.

where is the love
Wallace D.

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