Saturday, July 10, 2004

I'm lost and

Well I picked up my California drivers license today and I'm registered to vote as a Californian. The DMV (known in other places as the secretary of state) is one wild place for sure. That is the most diverse crowd I have ever been around in my entire life by a landslide and it was almost sensory overload to take in the different languages, looks, and conversations taking place.

The lady and PT's three daughters are doing a girls night tonight and so I'm locked away in my office until bed time so as not inhale too much estrogen. It's ok because we got our internet this afternoon and I have my stereo tuned into the greatest station I have ever come across on the radio, all 80's station! You can't beat it, all 80's all the time, it's classic Def Leopard right now (pour some sugar on me is ringing crystal clear). PT's girls really love my wife and she is so amazing sharing in their lives.

We have our first baptism service this Sunday and I absolutely never tire of seeing God's children do the dip as a public declaration of His love, grace, and majesty.

I see some hang time with some yutes and possibly taking in a matinee of "The Legend of Ron Burgundy" for my Saturday round up.

I'm found
Wallace D.

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