Sunday, July 11, 2004

When in Rome...

Started the day with a java chip and a reading of the Sacramento bee (newspaper) and then it was off to a few garage sales. I picked up an old miniature film projector, it is really sweet, it doesn't work any more but it still makes for a great addition to my film themed office I am working on. I have to get my Gladiator and Fight Club posters framed and then we'll be in some business fo sho. Took in the hilarious Anchorman and then played rewind with the pink panther as he and Swiss saw it last night, so that was a blast.

I am working through a whole bunch of soul busting stuff in my time alone with God, which after reading two of John Fischers books, has pushed me to keep in mind there shouldn't be a start time or an end time. God is everywhere and shouldn't have to vie for our attention or be apart of time set aside, but to be our everything all the time. Sure I have more focused and intimate times with God, but he's always waiting for me to take off the blinders and see him in His glory EVERYWHERE. Now being in Cali for a little bit and finally getting into our own place I am spending a lot of time processing who God has called me to be and trying to figure out where exactly my fit is in this crazy world. My wife gets the painful honor of listening to my random blabberings and talk of all sorts of crazy ideas, thoughts, and dreams. But one thing I picked up huge in Anchorman is that random nonsense sometimes is where the good stuff sits hidden. If I try and place myself into a typical ministry position, I don't quite see the fit. Drama? youth? teacher? program team guy? I've been an actor, drama director, youth pastor, program director, side kick, and small group leader to name some off the top of my head. I look at the four churches I've been involved with and see a lot of head scatching going on from both sides. I don't think I have ever done what I originally was hired for, if it was youth I did drama, if it was drama I did youth. Part of this struggle comes out of finding an old journal entry from a few years ago with some dreams and aspirations and thoughts of where God might be taking me (let's just say prophesy is definitely a scratch). Any way, I'm going do some reading and then crash.

Wallace D.

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