Monday, July 12, 2004

Into the great

Yesterday brought baptism for a pair of youngsters and then some good ol fashioned hangout and talk up life with Ridge folks. Then I got to go home and think and nap my way into some solid conclusions on some different thoughts I have been running around. Then it was off to a Rivercats game followed by a Lincoln Brewster concert at the ball park.

Something I have been observing and thinking about that really intrigues me is the idea of thinking for oneself. The pink panther started on it with the idea of the Christian subculture and the topic of imitation that has been growing, it seems, in the wrong direction. Just listening to a few high schoolers, this past week, talk about what they like and dislike about music, movies, God and life in general. And when I asked their reasons or the thoughts behind their answers, the closest thing they had was not their own but something they heard or "just because." When I asked them to think about it more, their was visible confusion, which was a look all to familiar. I have always been one of those annoying people that always has to ask questions and poke around at things and find a reason rather than just taking it as is. Part I'm sure is due to my mom allowing me the freedom to think for myself and supporting me in my search through life, with guidance and love. She wrote me a letter about 7 years ago saying she knew I would grow up to be a pastor, but she never made one mention of it before then, because she didn't know what that looked like. Maybe I was going to be an actor-pastor, school teacher-pastor, comedian-pastor, or a sports-pastor. Chatting with my mom and listening to her tell me that ministry and loving God isn't reserved for seminary or the church, but in her own life relying on God was a personal choice whether the church was loving her or telling her she had to leave because her family wasn't up to their standards. When I was telling my older sister that I was given a hard time for listening to "secular" music, and her response was "what is secular music?" I felt so good and relieved. She sees the world and people as one, rather than Christian and secular, to me her words were a glimpse into God's heart. My sister and brother in law ask Sarah and I so many questions when we are with them and I'm so grateful, and by the grace of God when they see God for all he is and all he has created them to be, it will be with sincere and genuine hearts that will be in that place of, "seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open," which I pray there will be more of.

wide open
Wallace D.

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