Friday, July 16, 2004

Who's gonna come

The last couple of days have brought a riot of a time with a couple of middle schoolers and some big twists in the plans of life. A quick catch ya up: Tuesday I took a couple of middle schoolers to the alliance camp and we got to hang out there all day, which was such an awesome time. I definitely loved being back in the big camp atmosphere (470 middle schoolers were there) and we got to slam around the camp activities. One of the yutes spent a good hour and a half deciding whether or not he could do the zip line, I lost patience about the 20 minute mark. He ended up going back through the ropes coarse so as to avoid the zip line, which is about a thousand times more difficult than just sitting down and enjoying the ride of the zip line. But in his mind he thought that because he did the ropes already there wasn't as much risk, big fat illustration to hang onto there fo sho.
Wednesday brought about some great meetings with some new folks in our apartment complex which was a real blessing and an encouragement that was much needed. Then today brought about some news that didn't surprise me, but definitely changes life in a pretty big way. But as I take it in I feel really free and it seems I can see much more clearly than I have, ever. I don't think I have ever been more excited about the future and all that God has planned, whatever that is, I can't wait. I saw God and life in a whole new way today and it was dang refreshing and eye opening, being in awe never gets old. Well I suppose I'll jump on some reading time and then sit and listen to His beauty.
around and answer the knock
Wallace D


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