Thursday, July 22, 2004

Too legit

The last few days have gone by so fast and a lot has gone on. Being apart of the Ridge has taught me heaps and continues to awaken within me all that I don't know. God has been poking at me and driving me into His big awesome arms and I pray I will never tire of that need and want. God has blessed me in so many ways and has really opened my eyes and more importantly my heart to the blessings that surround me everyday. My wife encourages, inspires, motivates, and completely takes care of me no matter if I'm a jerk or I found a way to be sweet for a change. In my reading I am really trying to hear how God uses me in my humanness and in my weakness. I love the feeling of being lost and wondering where the next turn will take me and my family. It's in that wondering and wandering that I hear Him best and lean on Him most. That I may revel in this place forever.

to quit
Wallace D.

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