Monday, August 02, 2004

It's been a while

Haven't made it into the blogging world lately and there is a world of change going around, so I'll try and lay some stuff out, but I don't want to drag on. First off the lady's family was in town all this past week and her mother is going to be here thro out this week as well, and it has been awesome spending time with them. They are amazing people and they have been so supportive and encouraging in our lives as a couple and as individuals. We did some hiking in Tahoe and caught ""Much ado about nothing" performance on a Shakespeare on the beach theatre they do once a year. It was really awesome and unique to catch great theatre while looking out over lake Tahoe at night, words can't quite capture that one.

I have been really enjoying "Summoned to lead" by Leonard Sweet and I will have to get to unloading some of my thoughts and learnings from that at some point. But that has been such a small part of all that God has been taking me through and teaching me as the winds of change are taking the lady and I on a new journey and teaching us new lessons on trusting Him and listening more closely to His heart beat. I get these "twitches" I guess that prick my heart and I don't seem to aggressively attack them quick enough, probably out of fear that I know that they will lead to painful truths that bring change in my life. Change in my heart yes, but a lot of times change in life, friends, and comfort zones. Any way the next couple of weeks will have me sharing major changes in my life that are really exciting and in ways dreams come true. But still change is hard and so it's always an adjustment and I hope to learn a lot from it. God is good and has been so good to the lady and I, so I know that the adventures only going to get more exciting and going to push our faith to a whole place.

since I first blogged (say what?)
Wallace D.

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