Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ain't nothing like the

Well hello out there, I am back from my long break as the lady and I settle into our new home in Grand Haven. We are etting things in place and we feel so at home in every sense of the word home. Watermark is an incredible snapshot of what could be and should be that the pinkl panther and I have been dreaming about for some time. I just got home from a trip to Cedar Point with the Circuit gang (j-high of Watermark) and it was an awesome time of just hangin and havin fun. It was a great way to start immersing myself into this beautiful community of people here and I have already been blown away by the look and feel of a healthy community of people genuinely seeking after our God. I will hopefully be keeping you up to date now, but for right now I am going to shut it down and reflect on how awesome God has been to the lady and I in our journey home.

real thing baby
Wallace D

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