Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Mo Money Mo Problems

Well the lady and I are doing our best to immerse ourselves into the community of Grand Haven and Watermark, which is one in the same I guess. The lady has once again started up her studies at Cornerstone and has landed a great internship at one of the middle schools here in Grand Haven (I am a very proud husband fo sho!). Myself, I have been spending a good chunk of time with the diggity as we are gearing up for the fall with the nxgen ministries and we are coaching 7th grade football together. I am learning heaps from the staff here and really soaking in all that we are as being the church making disciples. I could go on forever with how awesome that stuff is going, but I have to say that I am failing as the provider for my family and I am in need of much prayer as I search for the right job (it's getting close to being ANY job). For the first time in my life I will be raising support so as to give myself completely over to where God has placed us here in Grand Haven and at Watermark. It's a leap of faith, so that is another huge prayer request and something that is stretching me and scrambling my heart in many ways. That is a very brief overview of what has been going on and I will be doing my best to update the blog on a weekly basis, so as not to over commit. I started this journal with a classic song that the Duerty one and I have shared for years going back to the days of Xtreme, and right now I think I would except the challenge of those problems and I know the lady would.

Wallace D.

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