Friday, September 17, 2004

A loaf of bread

Well my good friends I have started employment at Panera bread and it is quite interesting. I had to go to Planet bread for training and learning their mission, vision and values (oh yea they are very passionate about their bread). I'm telling you one thing, if the church (as a whole that is) adopted some of the passion,values and vision that Panera has, I think this revolution that is talked about so much, might just see some increased movement. Panera is very intentional about being apart of the community and very serious and passionate about serving the community. For this I am proud to say I am "being the bread and making doughsciples." Ok that is going to far, but I am proud to be apart of Panera, which to me is an extension of being the church, and something I'm excited to grow in.

in every arm
Wallace D.

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