Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Listening for

I'm sitting here in Panera doing some reading and trying to get some thoughts in order for Sunday, and there is a table of elderly woman who are talking about the world's problems (specifically the ones that interfere with their life). I do the same thing quite a bit and like them I never move beyond talking, I feel compassion, but rarely enough to dive in and get my hands dirty in doing something about the problem. This has been one of the things I have been trying to exercise in my life, taking action out of my convictions and taking God's hand as he walks into the hurts and struggles rather than watching from the compassion sidelines. If I open myself up to Him pouring himself in me and stop at being filled and not pouring it back out onto others, I become fat with pride and religion. My ears are on fire as these woman have noted many many a problem with others specifically, with our specific society, and they have now moved to giving reasons why they won't get involved, they may get dirty, is the main reason! I was never afraid of dirt when I was a kid, in fact I couldn't imagine not getting into it, and I want to move within a faith that desires the dirt again and that I look forward to getting messy for the sake of someone else experiencing God's love. That sounds scary because we're not supposed to talk about dirt let alone getting involved with it, but if I am bathing in the Living Water, I better prepare to get out in the garden and do some planting. Ah, they have now pinpointed a solution, people don't go to church enough or go at all (they are making this discussion to easy). Not a bad thought, but since we are the church, maybe it's not about them moving toward the church, but us moving toward them? Darn Word of God, always inviting me to "come out and play."

listening sake?
Wallace D.

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