Friday, January 07, 2005

Red white and

To see Motley Crue back on the scene is such a flash back to middle school, oh the memories. I went down to the keys in Florida for spring break in 8th grade and I remember slammin to the Crue. Now I sit in my SLIPPERS as a 29 year old thinking about MOTO, our middle school community, and something tells me the Crue isn't going to make it this time. With school starting back this past week, I started back up with the after school tutoring at White Pines with the 7th graders. If they work hard we give them the last 15 minutes of class to play on the computers, and so they all pull up music videos and watch them. I know I'm getting older but the music, if that's what we're calling it, they listen to really is pretty hilarious. I think I saw a Donny Osmond look alike rapping about tin slodiers, or something like that. And then some guy who was trying to be Popeye beating up another guy in the bathroom and I couldn't really understand what he was saying, because I believe he was chewing on a matchbox car (it looked like it anyway) and talking about weeds (is this a reference to Martha Stewart gardening or is this hooligan talking about drugs?), who is paying these dorks to put this crap out? The good news is, with the Crue back on the scene music might be getting back some class... oh moses smell the roses, we are one wacked culture. I am laughing out loud and loving the fact we can't get past the coolest decade ever, THE 80'S RULE!!

Wallace D.

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