Sunday, December 26, 2004

What a Christmas!!

I had a very awesome Christmas yesterday, which included all the good stuff of family, friends, and WAY too much to eat (but the food is sooo good). This morning was great as well as I worshipped in many different ways, communion, singing, praying, playing Jimbo for surf city. I'm not sure if it's a worship experience for them, but whenever I "do a character" it's an opportunity to worship God through the humor/craziness that he has given me. The lady and I also got to give together (tithe) and that was very powerful for the two of us and it really is different to be able to give as worship rather than give out of obligation/manipulation/guilt, you fill in the blank. I love walking over to the giving station and praising God for all he is and has given to us as a family. And tonight I have a Christmas party at Panera and I'm sure we will eat well and I look forward to hanging out with the people I get to do life together with as co-workers.

I plan on taking tomorrow as a planning day for Moto and nexgen stuff as well as running over thoughts for the message this Sunday. Then Tuesday is Christmas with Sarah's whole extended family, and that I'm sure will be fun and VERY loud. Wednesday through Friday we are heading up north for a staff hangout/get away, so I'm sure that will be a riot to say the least.

Wallace D.

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