Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ahhh, the warmth of coffee

What a perfect day to get a hot cup of coffee from Panera, it's frickin freezing outside, but in here it's oh so warm. I've been getting pushed and reminded on some great stuff lately, as I have been reading a mix of Peter(that Bible deal) and "The Barbarian Way" by good ol Erwin McManus (short read, long in returns). Peter absolutely fascinates me and I love the way his life progresses and how it is shaken up and brought to beauty through his RELATIONSHIP with Jesus. Anyway, it has reminded me how fotunate and blessed I am to be able to work, especially at Panera. I love the community, my co-associates, and seeing all the smiles from people as they dive into great food. Chattin with Flava and the panther, I have come to the conclusion that all "church" staff should have some sort of job in the community (coaching, substitute teaching, Paneraish deal) so as to really sink into serving the community and being the church. Better yet, I would love to have the church have a restaraunt, cafe, art school cafe type of deal, that would also be home to the gatherings. This would be great for the lead pastor/cook, youth pastor/drama teacher, or worship pastor/art teacher to live in and serve the community while leading the church body. Why were are at it, we'll have a big house for communal living (just for you Gooch) so that we can truly be a family (that might be a stretch, but I'm dreaming here). Any who, it's time to throw on the apron and serve up some soup and bread, so all those who have some money laying around feel free to invest in the Eclectic Cafe, coming soon to a city near you (actually there is a great spot in downtown Grand Haven next to the Delite).

and a Cinnamon crunch bagel!
Wallace D.

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