Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Will I ever

Things have been motoring along and I have been knocked around the last few days. Knocked around in the sense that I was starting to drift and get comfortable with the "programs" and things getting put in place within life and within MOTO. In life, I've been talking a lot with many different friends about thoughts, books, and what could and should be. Which is great, except when you talk a lot and then you come to the place where it needs to be put into place and start living it out. So now I sit back and have to chuckle (sadly and healthily) at how stupid, naive, and prideful I can get when I don't spend the time LISTENING to the source of all these thoughts and discussions. And the same goes with MOTO, things have been going awesome and so when things didn't really go as planned yesterday, I started to freak out a bit and complain. While the students have a blast and enjoy their friendships and the community that has become the real important part of MOTO, I was worried about STUPID PROGRAMMING stuff and who's not there and so how are we going to do this and that. Really everything I despise anyway, when things work out of programs and basically all the crap we draw up and control with our talents, rather than embracing the mystery and moving of where God wants to take things. Any way, I beat myself up yesterday and now sit back and thank God for His intervention and sense of humor today.

With that, I have updated my library and think tank sections to add some websites and thinking places. I've, as usual, been reading a ton of great books lately and since a number of them have been either Brian McLaren's or Leonard Sweet's books, I just added their sites that have all kind of great stuff on them, including their books. I've added a few churches as well, these are just a few that I think are great learning places and churches that seem to be capturing the heart of what we call church. The two books that I have started and will be sitting with for some time I'm sure, are 'A Generous Orthodoxy' by McLaren and 'The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus' by Brennan Manning, which both at this point are kicking my butt. We also have started a brand new conversation series at Watermark called Truth, so I'm excited for the conversations we will be opening in the coming weeks. Check us out for a listen or a look, and let the conversation begin, www.iamwatermark.com

Wallace D.

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