Friday, January 28, 2005

Daddy daycare

Pretty long day today, worked at Panera most of it, which was good but kind of tiring. Then I went and did some lifting with the boys at the Gov's place, that was a very nice getaway for me. Finally it was doing childcare at Spring Lake Wesleyan with MOTO. I volunteered MOTO to do childcare while they do some sort of day and a half conference, and the 8th grade guys were really awesome with all the kids (They really were very awesome with them). And a couple of the leaders were there and they did a great job as usual too, but then there was me. I just suck with kids, they either are scared to awful death of me or they think I'm a complete moron (which I think they're right either way). I tried involving a couple of girls by coloring or watching a Vegetales video, because they didn't really want to be away from mom and dad, but again they looked at me like I was an alien. Come to find out, that all of my talking and encouraging was a big blank because neither one of them understands English!! They speak and understand spanish, so that made me feel pretty stupid, and then we had a couple accidents in the pants with a few kids, and that was a complete train wreck for me (note to parents: I had Ellen change all diapers so your kids turned out great) and I again was a complete MORON. But I did really enjoy watching the students do an incredible job and watching them serve was awesome as well. I could use a whole lot of help tomorrow (Spring Lake Weleyan from 9am-3pm with a big lunch in the middle all paid for) so if you want to help serve and get a good look at me giving lessons on MORONESS, swing on by anytime. For future reference, I either have to find some parenting classes to attend or my wife will be even more sorry she married me when children arrive.

I am not!
Wallace D.

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