Monday, January 31, 2005

Thank God

I love Mondays, and this one I was especially looking forward to. No specific reason, it was just a pretty busy weekend and Mondays bring a little extra sleep, mornings reading at Panera, and MOTO! Spent most of Saturday doing the child care thing at SLW, which was stretching and a bit overwhelming, but something I really needed as well. The kids pretty much kicked my butt and left me to wander home and sit catatonic on the couch grateful that Jesus said to have faith like a child, and not emotions like one (One minute life is great, the next it's tears and beating other kids for, "TAKING MY BALL"!!). Saturday night brought life group and some really great discussion ranging from heaven, to evangelism, and mixing in the subject of math (anything can lead to a great Flava story from high school). Cap the weekend off with two great gatherings, we had some great conversation time in our community group time, and then just a flat out great night at Cession.

So now I get geared up to do programming, then Chill (after school program with seventh graders at the middle school), and then rolling out the red carpet for MOTO. We'll wrap up our personalized series tonight and then look to shake up the status quo and move these crazies out of the "dusty youth group mentality" as we move into the spring. I leave you with a few lessons learned from the wise 2 and 3 year olds I spent time with this weekend: 1. Kids imitate EVERYTHING 2. The smaller they are, the more it smells and smears 3. Jesus feels so close with one small hug.

it's Monday
Wallace D.

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