Monday, February 07, 2005

Beauty is

Great freakin weekend with lots of laughs, all kinds of hang time with great people, and a pretty good Super Bowl. We had a leader getaway on Friday/Saturday which was a great time of hanging, connecting, and worship. Then we just flatout did some more hanging Saturday night with friends and worried little of the lack of sleep we had gotten and would continue to not get, all for the sake of hanging with friends. The gatherings yesterday were beautiful for a million reasons. Technically we could pick apart a heap of stuff that went wrong, but the spirit of the morning and the experience of how God is moving through all the stories and lives of the people was just way too beautiful to worry about that garbage. Duerty was an awesome canvas for Gods hand, it is hard to explain I guess, but he did an amazing job of sharing his heart as well as the heart of God. All in all, the morning was just very fluid in spirit and I was again so grateful for a community that longs to gather and worship our King!

We then ran to the inland and hung out with the Korpi clan for Carey's (my mother in law) birthday. It was a great time catching up and spending time with the fam. Then we wandered around to the Cession super bowl parties (they did an awesome job) and hung out with the yutes for a bit. Capping the night off watching the rest of the game with friends and doing some more great hanging. Now it's gearing up for what looks to be a really cool night at MOTO (Psalm 104 & 105 as the backround). It looks to be a night with lots of worship, prayer, and whatever comes our way.

everywhere, I hope I see it!
Wallace D.

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