Saturday, April 23, 2005

Plugging away

I've just been plugging away, things are going great and the calendar seems to be moving pretty fast. Went to Big Trace's lumberjack/40th b-day party last night, which was a good time. Ol Trace was pretty surprised and seemed to be excited to have all his friends hanging at his pad. My Panera schedule is settling quite nicely and so I'm loving the chance to set my schedule a bit more clearly for the rest of life. Chill has changed quite a bit, as 4 students have been removed permanently because they do nothing but distract others and don't get any work done themselves. And I am on my own as the other teacher was done last week, but with the "naughty" students gone I have been able to make some good connections with students without interruptions or distractions.

Our new Watermark commercial is up and running at the Grand Haven 9 theatre as of yesterday, and already we have a story of someone not having a church home and so they said they were going to check us out this Sunday. That is freakin awesome and that's the idea, people connecting to God who aren't sure where to start. The Psalm 23 conversation/series has been really awesome and I have heard a number of great stories of people getting a fresh look at life and seeing God in a whole new light. Things are moving along quite nicely and I am enjoying the ride. I have to say that the Donald Miller read, "Searching for God knows what," is so freakin great, he is hilarious and makes things clear and beautiful. I highly recommend picking it up, or in the case of anyone who does life with me, you get to hear me ramble on about what I am reading. I'm also reading the conclusion to a new kind of Christian trilogy, and so far McLaren is really keeping the story fresh and challenging.

Yippee Ky yeah
Wallace D.

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